Making Your Own Embellishment

creating embellishmentsOne of my favorite ways to add my own creativity to a layout, is to create my very own embellishments out of things I have on hand. I am always on the lookout for products at a craft store that can be changed up and used on my layouts in new ways. This particular embellishment is an example of that.

I came across a bouquet of silk flowers at the craft store that was marked at .49 clearance. I was shocked since there were about 18 different sized flowers on the bouquet and I could see how easy it would be to remove them from the plastic stems. An 18 package of scrapbooking marketed flowers would have cost me over $4 a package.

I bought up several in different colors and brought them home. I will admit it took me some time after I brought them home to actually use them. It is certainly much easier to grab prepackaged or already embellished items in your layouts, but the cost of these was so minimal it made it worth it to try.

Along came a layout that I wanted a burgundy flower for, and I didn’t have any. Until I remembered my silk flower stash and checked and sure enough, I had a burgundy bouquet of flowers. Score! I quickly dismantled the flowers and after inking the square I wanted to apply them to with brown ink, I attached one smaller flower on top of a larger flower and secured in place with a large cream colored brad.

It was a super easy way to get the look I wanted, create an embellishment that I am proud of and that added that little something my layout was lacking. If you would like to see the completed layout, you can check out tomorrow’s article Using Scraps for Cards which features the layout I did with this flower.

Do you ever create your own embellishments? And if so, what kinds do you create?