Marie Did It On NutriSystem: You Can Too!

Some of us may remember Marie as we were growing up. Her and her very popular family were in the music industry. When most of the older sibling’s popularity began to fade, Marie and her brother Donny remained. Years later, after marriage and eight children we are seeing more of Marie in the public eye. This time Marie is back to give her dieting success story. Marie had also had a difficult time with her weight struggles, but managed. After her eighth child though, the pounds starting stacking up and sticking. In the year 2007, she states that she was at her all-time high of 165 pounds and wearing a size 12 to 14 in clothes.

Previously wearing a size 2 to 4 in clothing, Marie was devastated. Standing in at 5’5”, Marie decided to take control of her weight. Marie blames, in part, the entertainment business for her weight struggles. Everyone wants to be thin. They associate thinness with beauty. Standing up to these women who were thinner than her, she often compared herself to them. Becoming more short of breath and winded just with walking, Marie knew that she had to get back in shape. Hearing the words of her mother who was ailing at the time and at the request of her children, Marie decided that for her health she needed to act on her thoughts of losing weight.

Marie made the decision to follow the NutriSystem plan around the same time that she began the television show, “Dancing With The Stars”. The NutriSystem people requested her to be their spokesperson at that point. She lost 45 pounds in four months and looks amazing. She did it she says for her health, for her mom, for her family, and for herself. Congratulations Marie.

Angel Lynn writes in weight loss, single parenting, media, and health.

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