Marking Your Scriptures

One of the ways to get the most out of your scripture study is to mark your scriptures. There are many different ways to do this—probably as many ways as there are people who read, but I’d like to share some ideas here that may appeal.

1. Underlining the key words with a pen or a colored pencil to help your eye easily identify them.
2. Coloring the entire verse with a colored pencil or using light strokes with a crayon.
3. Using a bracket along the edge of the verse.
4. Circling the key words or phrases, while underlining the rest.

No matter which technique you use, highlighting important verses and words can help you locate them more easily when you go back to read them again.

Here are some suggestions for how to incorporate marking into an in-depth study of the scriptures:

1. Write in the margins. Write how the scripture made you feel or what it made you think of. If someone used the scripture in a talk in church, you can write their name in the margin and reference the talk.
2. Do some cross-referencing. If a scripture brings another to mind, and it’s not already listed in the footnotes, add your own notation so you can recall it easily later.
3. I like to cross-reference my patriarchal blessing to my scriptures. If a phrase in my blessing brings a scripture to mind, I like to write the reference on the blessing, and vice versa. A patriarchal blessing is personal scripture to us, so this is appropriate.

In addition, you may want to start keeping a journal specifically for your scripture reading. Just recently, I started taking notes as I read, and it’s amazing to me the thoughts and realizations that began to flow as I did that. I feel like I’m getting more out of my scripture study than ever before.

Don’t be afraid to write in your scriptures. If you have a special insight, write it down. The more we record our spiritual promptings, the more willing a vessel we make ourselves, and the more promptings will come our way.

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