Marley’s Storybook Treasury


Dig into a doggone hilarious book that’s fit for the entire family.

Marley’s Storybook Treasury contains six I Can Read! stories detailing the mischievous misadventures of the playful pooch your kids may recognize from the big screen.

In this literary treasure trove, author John Grogan and illustrator Richard Cowdrey fill 192 pages with laugh-out-loud tales of Marley’s life in suburbia. Young readers will have a blast getting lost in this richly illustrated action-packed book loaded with colorful pictures that come alive with each turn of the page.

Marley means well, but that doesn’t make life with the crazy canine any easier on his family. See for yourself by taking a sneak peek at the six stories that make-up Marley’s Storybook Treasury:

Marley’s Big Adventure: A better title may be, “Bad Dog,” as Marley can’t seem to do anything but cause trouble in this tail-wagging tale. The hyper hound jumps on his owner’s bed before dawn, snags a pancake in midair, and dangles the baby in his mouth over a crib railing. Fed up with Marley’s antics, his owners go off on the puckish pup. Not feeling the love, Marley runs away from home only to get into more trouble in town. Will the misbehaved mutt be reunited with his family or he destined to live life on the run?

Strike Three, Marley!: It’s spring and Marley is marking the start of the new season by attending a baseball game with his owner. Only Marley wants to play ball, not sit in the stands and watch others have fun on the field. See why most ballparks don’t allow dogs on the premises and how the day is salvaged even after Marley wrecks havoc on the home team.

Marley: Thanks, Mom and Dad!: Marley’s owners are celebrating their anniversary by taking the entire family to their favorite Mexican restaurant. Even Marley gets to come thanks to the eatery’s policy which allows dogs to dine with patrons in the patio area. Big mistake. The restaurant ends up regretting its decision to let Marley in and eventually gives the family the boot. Find out how the clan salvages the special occasion on the way home.

Marley: Messy Dog: Mom makes the mistake of leaving her paint project unattended in order to answer a phone call. Enter Marley who wastes no time messing it up. Mom returns, gets mad and attempts to hunt down the naughty pup. See how Marley is spared from punishment after one member of the family sees the beauty in his wayward paint job.

Marley and the Runaway Pumpkin: Marley’s family plants some pumpkins with great success. One gourd grows to massive proportions and the clan is convinced it can win a blue ribbon at the fair. Determined to take top honors, Marley’s owners tie her up so she can’t mess with their plans. Unfortunately, the savvy pooch gets loose and mayhem ensues. The pumpkin ends up smashed on the side of the road, but somehow the family is still able to score a blue ribbon. Find out how in this delightful read.

Snow Dog Marley: A snow storm dumps a ton of the white stuff in Marley’s neck of the woods. However, that doesn’t stop the family from whipping up a batch of homemade soup for a sick neighbor and delivering it on a sled pulled by their disobedient dog. Marley does well until he sees a boy playing with a snowball and decides to fetch while still pulling the sled. Will the soup survive?

You can find out by visiting HarperCollins’ website or picking up a copy of Marley’s Storybook Treasury from discount retailers nationwide.

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