Marriage Break Up – No-one is Immune

None of us is immune. How often do we hear of marriages breaking up, sometimes after a short time but other times after many years together?

I was saddened recently to read of the marriage break up of a minister I admired. His sermons were biblical, thoughtful and practical. Sadly, it seems he spent so much time on church matters that his own marriage suffered. As Mary Ann pointed out – if people don’t get what they want from a marriage they tend to seek it elsewhere.

This attitude of society to seeking fulfillment outside the marriage shows up in our newspapers, in our forums here, as well as our movies. It was obvious yesterday and one of the things that struck both Mick and I as we had a day date and went to the movies to see Revolutionary Road.

So how can you protect you marriage from this happening? Here are four tips.

Make time for each other as a couple
Many problems occur because men and women get caught up in other things and are, quite simply, too busy, so one partner feels neglected. Whether it is long hours at work and commuting, time with mates, hobbies, church commitments or whatever, it all means that time spent on these things means less time for each other, less time together. Value your marriage and make time for each other as a couple, instead of putting other things ahead of alone time as a couple. Make time together a priority. Maybe set aside at least one night a week as a date night – just for the two of you.

Talk to your spouse when you have problems.
Faithfulness and loyalty need to be more than just words. Be faithful to your marriage partner and loyal to them, by not sharing too much of your personal life with friends. Respect your marriage and your spouse.

Show your spouse in word and deeds how much they mean do to you.
Don’t let a day go by without letting them know how important they are to you.

Pay attention to your marriage.
If you want a beautiful garden you have to put work into achieving it. If you want a good marriage you have to put work into achieving it. The end result is worth it.

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