Marriage Burnout

If you have come to a point in your relationship where you find more negatives than positives, and everything your spouse says or does seems to get on your nerves, you may be suffering from marriage burnout. If those little quirks you once found cute now drive you crazy, it could be burnout.

Maybe you find yourself fighting with your husband or wife far more than ever before. Perhaps you feel unappreciated, taken for granted, and frankly, fed up. You’re starting to think, “I see why people get divorced or have affairs!”

Think again. People who get divorced or have affairs may very well do so because of burnout, but they are simply looking for what they once had. They are often looking for understanding, adoration, the thrill of new love, romance, appreciation, passionate sex, and more. You can get all that at home!

Look for what you need inside your marriage. Don’t look to strangers when the person who knows you best is right there beside you. Engage in candid discussion and communicate your needs and desires to your spouse. As you take time for personal reflection to determine exactly what you do want and need, you might discover that your spouse wants many of the same things you do. With a little soul searching, you might also realize that you haven’t been giving 100% either.

So, as you discuss your issues with your mate, take time to begin thinking of ways that you can make your marriage better. Your spouse may very well be experiencing marriage burnout too and having some of those same negative feelings toward you. Don’t wait until it gets so bad that one of you seriously considers ending the marriage. Look inside your marriage and work together to make your relationship fulfilling for both of you.

Start today. The happiest years of your lives are still ahead.