Marriage is a “Team” Sport

You’ve likely read my title and are thinking that I’m going to talk about how husbands and wives have to work together. How both partners need to give 100% to the relationship. How like a team you combine efforts, forging through the difficult times towards a common goal. Nope. . .sorry. While I could honestly say all that–that’s not what I’m going to talk about.

Instead, I’m going to tell you about my husband and his second passion: fantasy football. In case you are wondering, I am his first passion. Well, unless it’s Monday night and then I’m more at a tie with the game. Or unless it’s Sunday afternoon and he has several fantasy players in the game. . .then I’m likely a really, really close second. But regardless, I’m waaaayyyy up there on his list towards the top!

Yes. . .towards the top. . .along with half time commercials, play offs and super bowl parties. Towards the top with stats from the game and the beloved fantasy football magazine which comes out once a year. But how can I compete with that? I mean, that magazine has tons of fantasy football strategies that I couldn’t even begin to understand.

I can write in jest because I know that when it really comes down to it, my husband loves me dearly. He tells me and shows me all the time that he loves me and appreciates me. However, I have to admit at first that I did not love fantasy football or any sport for that matter. In my last 10 years of marriage though, I’ve realized at least a couple of things.

A good team knows the other players . . .and plays accordingly. A really good team knows the other players–their strengths and their weaknesses. They adjust their game plan to accommodate each other and emphasize their strengths in a game. While players always try to improve on their weaknesses, no one goes into the game thinking that those weaknesses will change.

Likewise, you know your partner before you marry them. I knew that my husband was a sports enthusiast. I am not (nor would I try) to change that. One way to love him is to accommodate his Monday night passions–and I happily do.

Secondly, a good team sticks together. While I know that it happens it is rare that team mates publicly disrespect or criticize one another. If it does happen there are usually profuse apologies afterwards. Where disrespect is allowed to go unchecked, there is usually not a good team.

Likewise, I stick with my husband. I can enjoy his interests simply because he enjoys them. I listen to stats, ask questions about possible defenders and offensive plays and I even have my own fantasy team. (I’m not doing so well this year so I can’t talk about that too much!) I even make a point to know players by name. . .and I occasionally attempt to know which team and what position they play!

So, what is the lesson that you can learn from your husband’s second passion?

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