Marriage is Like a Good Cup of Coffee

In a conversation with my married daughter recently, she came out with this gem about marriage. Marriage is like a good cup of coffee. Keep reading and you’ll see how.

A prevalent idea around at present is that if it’s the right person, it will all come naturally and easily and without any effort being expended. I actually came across almost these exact words in a novel written by a young woman I read yesterday. There is the view that you won’t have to work hard to maintain the relationship.

Again, that is reflected in many movies. We don’t see them work to maintain a relationship. People don’t resolve issues and work at the marriage. They walk. Or the scene conveniently cuts to another time and you never see the issue resolved. Time just moves on.

But as my daughter said, marriage is like a good cup of coffee- it takes time to percolate. It still doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. Even with the right beans and the right equipment to make it on you still got to be careful that you don’t burn the milk or the coffee. Then you’ve got to make sure you don’t spill it.

Sadly, too many people are prepared to wait, so they settle for instant coffee. Isn’t that the same with marriage? Too many people aren’t prepared to invest the time and wait for the proper thing so they settle for the instant fix, the quick solution instead.

I used to be one of this people, not with marriage but with coffee. I was just as happy with a cup of instant. But lately I’ve discovered the joy of a real, properly made cup of coffee made with good beans and made properly and I sure can taste the difference. I no longer want to settle for the inferior kind.

When it comes to marriage shouldn’t our attitude be the same? Isn’t it worth investing the time to make the real thing work and not expect the instant answer?

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