Marriage Tips: Sharing

All people tend to be at least a little selfish by nature. This trait is not helpful when it comes to marriage. We have to make a conscious effort to avoid being selfish, especially when it involves our spouses.

Active sharing is accomplished in many and varied ways. It involves sharing love, thoughts, hopes, dreams, problems, and it also involves time, money, and material things. Sharing goes hand in hand with generosity.

People who love each other should want to be generous with each other, despite the natural desire to put one’s self first. It is said that two people become one entity when they marry, so we should put that entity first, not our individual selves.

When we share our love, we will receive love in return. When we share thoughts, hopes, and dreams, we seek a confidant, a person who encourages and supports us. When we share problems, we help ease each other’s burdens.

When it comes to time, money, and material possessions, it can be a bit more difficult. Time is a precious commodity these days with the hectic lifestyles most people lead, but it is imperative that we make time to keep our relationships close, fresh, and satisfying.

Money can rule a marriage and even destroy it, especially if one person withholds it from the other. This may be more of a problem if one person enters the marriage with more money or possessions or earns more than the other spouse. It shouldn’t be that way in a trusting, loving marriage (this is discussed in more detail in the Money article). If you trust someone enough to share your life, than you should be able to trust that person enough to share money or possessions.

The more you share with your spouse, the more he or she will learn to reciprocate. When we learn to share, good and bad, we truly become each other’s helpmates for life.