Marriage Types: Choosing Childfree

My list of marriage types is quickly coming to a close. Nearing the end is a type that once again Courtney has given us some personal insight on, choosing childless.

As many of you know, Courtney has several reasons why she and her husband choose to be childfree. While Courtney can give some personal thoughts on being child free, I will give some typical characteristics of child free by choice marriages.

Not all couples without children fall into this category. Some couples are childless but not by choice. They have tried to conceive but have not been successful. However some couples never try to have children.

Some couples know that they do not want children before they ever marry. Others are uncertain and children just never seem to fit into the picture after marriage. Either way, it is the couple’s choice.

In general, society characterizes children with marriage. When a couple is married for several years without children, the public often assumes that the couple has tried but cannot have children. It never occurs to others that perhaps the couple is not interested in having a family with children.

Some couples are completely focused on themselves and on one another. They are not willing to give up the attention that is given to their relationship that often children consume. They enjoy the freedom and the risk taking that is often taken away once a couple has children.

Couples who choose not to have children often put much time and love into having pets. They typically have a pampered dog or cat that consumes their extra time. These are often some of the luckiest animals in the world.

Many couples feel that children mark the journey of their lives. However couples without children find other things to mark their milestones. They remember trips, job accomplishments and more.

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