Marriage Types: Later Life

So far we have discussed covenant marriages, second marriages, and polygamous marriages. It is amazing how many different types of relationship bonds couples can have.

Even traditional marriages can come in various forms. Couples marry at all different stages in their lives and for all different reasons.

Some couples marry later in their lives. There are several different reasons why a person may put marriage on hold during what most consider to be the common marrying years. Some couples do not marry until they are in their late 30s or 40s.

Some people wish to get married before this age but never find the right person. Others people choose to put marriage off until later in life. They are more focused on their education or a career. When goals are directed toward a lengthy education or an intensive career or even maybe a political campaign, relationships can be more complicated. The time and effort that is needed for a relationship may not be available. Personal relationships are simply not top priority with these people.

However after the goal is met or the career has been involved for several years, the person begins to long for the companion of another.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to marrying later in life.

Most people who marry later in life have a more definite set of standards or qualities that they want in a mate. People at this age are not likely to change their beliefs or values due to maturing. The marriage may be more successful because both partners are more “grounded”. In many cases, both partners have lived out on their own and are self sufficient.

Although the relationship of those who marry later in life may be more stable, they may also be harder to come by. There are fewer available partners at this age. Those who are available are often divorced or already have children.