Marriage Types: Same Sex

As previously discussed, all marriages are not the same. There are many different levels of commitment, love, and bondage when it comes to a couple’s marriage. My final marriage type will be discussed in this article. So far, we have examined covenant, polygamous, later life, young, long distance, and choosing childless marriages.

While all of the marriages listed above were different to some degree, they all also had one factor in common. All of the marriages above consisted of a union between a man and a woman.

Today’s marriage type is different in that its union takes place between two persons of the same sex. While some states do not honor legal same sex marriages, some states allow couples of the same sex to legally marry.

Same sex couples are like heterogeneous couples in many ways. These couples wish to marry for the same reasons as other couples. They love each other and wish to spend their lives together. They want to prove their commitment to each other. They want to be included in one another’s decisions.

Many same sex couples also wish to have children. After marriage these couples may choose to adopt a child. Like most other couples, many same sex couples wish to have a family.

Same sex marriages suffer complications and triumphs and trials such as those of other couples. However the public’s outlook on same sex marriage can make things even more stressful for the couple. Many same sex couples will admit that they feel that their marriage and bond is even stronger due to the hurdles that they had to cross to make it happen.

There are many different types of marriage in our society. No matter which type of marriage you take part in, marriage takes effort. All marriages can benefit from honesty, love, and communication.