Marriage Types: Second

In my last article I discussed how some people have different ideas about marriage than the traditional and “average” marriage that we all think of couples entering.

Like people, relationships are different. What works for one couple may not work for another.

My first type of marriage was covenant. Covenant marriages are characterized as sharing a deeper bond and stricter divorce rule than other marriages.

In this article I will take a look into couples that are entering their second marriage.

Second marriages are different from first marriages in several ways.

Second marriages can be either a second time around charm or another failure. It all depends on what values and lessons were learned during and from the first marriage break-up.

Most people who are entering their second marriage are much less fascinated or impressed with the details of a wedding. Unlike first time engaged couples, their focus is more directed toward the actual marriage than the ceremony. Many of these couples have small weddings or no weddings at all.

People entering into their second marriage often have no nervous feelings about the relationship. They now have a standard or a cleared idea of what type of spouse they want. They have hindsight that sends up red flags when something does not feel or seem right. Couples in first time marriages have no experiences to warn them of these types of things.

Most things in a second marriage come easier than they did in the first. The mates can often detect and head off any potential troubles that they see. These troubles can more easily be detected and dealt with after experiencing a first marriage.

Those entering second marriages are often more grounded and realistic about what marriage will be like. They do not have false expectations as some of the couples that enter first time marriages.

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