Marriage Week in Review: January 7 – January 13

Wow this has been quite a week in the marriage section of! Courtney and I have kept the articles coming and the topics rolling! In case you missed one of the discussions, check out below for headlines from the week!

Monday, January 7
Is He the Man of Your Dreams?
In this article I discuss how some women take it to the extreme constantly downing their husbands. While no human is perfect, in our eyes our spouse should be close.

Running into an Ex
This article received several comments. In it, I discussed the different feelings that we may come across when we run into an ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Rule Number 2: You Get What You Give
Courtney added to her rules of marriage series. In this very true article, she explains that you only get out of your marriage what you put into it.

Tuesday,January 8
Did You Commit to Marriage Before You Even Were?
In this article, Courtney addresses the fact that we make plans about marriage and family before we ever have them. Before the option for marriage ever comes about, most of us have decided if we want to marry and we set up beliefs and values about our marriage.

Do You Baby Your Baby?
In this article, I discuss how many women baby their husbands. I feel that it comes from the maternal instinct for women to take care of things and people.

When is Divorce an Option?
Courtney lists times when she feels that it may be a cause for divorce. In this article she describes each scenario.

Wednesday, January 9
Pea Pod Mates
Here Courtney discusses how some people are just meant to be together. She interchanges the terms pea pod mates and soul mates.

Thoughts on Jealousy
Due to previous comments from another article, I decided to offer my thoughts and comments on being jealous and jealousy in marriage.

Love & the Stars: Is There Something to It?
In this article, Courtney talks about a book that she has read that describes how couples match up according to astrology.

Thursday, January 10
Who Has Time for Lingerie?
In this article, Courtney discussed how she does not have time or effort to wear her lingerie.

Friday, January 11
It is Okay to be Jealous
In this article I discuss why I feel that it is okay to feel jealous.

Unconditional Love: A Myth?
In this article Courtney questions if there really is such a thing as unconditional love. She comments that some people cannot get past the flaws of their spouse.

When Jealousy is a Concern
Jealousy is not always positive or good for a relationship. In this article, I discuss when it should be a concern for a couple.

Saturday, January 12
Do You Have Criteria for Dating?
This article discusses how some people have certain criteria set up for people that they date.

Things to Talk about before Marriage
There are certain things that a couple should discuss before marriage. This article addresses those topics.

Sunday, January 13
Do Men with Sisters Make Better Husbands?
After talking with her husband, Courtney began to wonder if men who have sisters are more in touch with a woman’s feelings.

What Makes you Feel Attractive?
In this article I ask readers what it is that makes them feel the most attractive.