Marriage Week in Review: March 10- March 16

Courtney and I both hit the writing process pretty hard this week. We have many topics and articles that have been discussed. There is sure to at least one that will spark your interest. Check out below for a list from the week.

Monday, March 10
More Recent Stats on Long Marriages, Part 2 – The Stats
In this article Courtney continued her discussion on the stats for long marriages that she discovered.

Tuesday, March 11
A Wife’s Public Embarrassment: Dina Matos Sympathizes with Silda Spitzer’s Plight
Courtney took on the topic of how it must feel to be the wife of a scandal of public embarrassment. This came about after the Spitzer newsbreak.

In this article I discuss one of my favorite movies and how some relationships are simply meant to be.

Social Love?
This article questions if some couples stay together simply for the social status of being married.

The Psychology of Why Married Men Cheat, Part 2
Courtney continues the idea of why men cheat on their wives.

How Well Do You Know Your Mate?
This article asks how many little details you know about your spouse.

Wednesday, March 12
Thoughts on Political Scandals and the Marriages They Rock
In this article Courtney talks about how politics can play a role in business and in home lives.

Can You Talk Yourself out of Love?
In this article I discuss how some people actually convince themselves that they are in a bad relationship when actually they are not.

Does an STD Make the Crime of an Affair Even Worse?
In this article Courtney discusses how although an affair is bad an affair that results in spreading an STD can be serious and even life threatening.

Does Your Mate Remind You of Your Parent?
Some people are attracted to those who remind them of their mother or father. In some cases this can be good and in some it can be bad.

Thursday, March 13
Wedding Flowers: Live or Silk?
This article gives both the pros and cons of having silk and live flowers at your wedding.

Love Is…
Courtney recalls how one comic strip came to be very important in her life.

Wedding Planning: Music
In this article the options are weighed on either having prerecorded music or live music at your wedding.

How Much Time Can You Spend with Your Spouse?
This article discusses how at times time together is not what a relationship needs.

Saturday, March 15
What Kind of Wife…
Here Courtney thinks about how hard it must be for a wife to stand by her man. However she admits that at times that is all a wife can do.

Open Affairs
This article looks at couples who have affairs out in the open without any secrets.

Public Displays of Affection: How Much is Too Much?
In this article I ask readers how much public affection they take part in and how much is too much.

What Will You Not Do In Front of Your Mate?
There are some things that partners are simply not comfortable doing in front of each other. This article talks about them.

Sunday, March 16
Wedding Planners
This article gives a description of a wedding planner.

What Makes a Good Wedding Planner?

This article gives some guidelines on must haves for a wedding planner.

Tips for Outdoor Weddings
In this article I list some tips for holding your wedding outside.