Marriage Week in Review: May 19 – May 25

Wow what a week in marriage here at Courtney, Heather and I brought some very interesting and unique articles to you. If you missed some throughout the week, you can always check below for a recap.

Tuesday, May 20
Marriage Rating Scale – How Do You Score?
In this article, Heather brought us a rating that was used to rate wives. This scale is very interesting and humorous!

Marriage Types: Covenant
This was the first article in a series of marriage types that I began. A covenant marriage is one in which the couple shares a deeper commitment.

Wednesday, May 21
Marriage Types: Second
After discussing covenant marriages, I took a look into those who were in their second marriage. Second marriages have pros and cons.

Getting Married Behind Bars
In this article, Courtney gave the readers a look into getting married from behind bars. Yes couples do get married when one partner is in jail.

Thursday, May 22
An Affair Doesn’t Mean “The End”
Here Heather discussed how marriages can survive an affair. While she admits that it is not easy, she gives some insight on how it can be done.

The Notebook: The Epitome of Devotion
In this article, Courtney reflects on a movie that she watched and her life.

Friday, May 23
Marriage Types: Polygamous
Not all couples who participate in polygamy are affiliated with a religion or a group. Some seem to be very common couples have no commitment when it comes to physical relations with others.

Marriage Types: Later Life
Some couples marry for the first time later in their life. Some mates choose to pursue careers and education before marriage. Others just have a longer wait to finding the right person.

Marriage Types: Young
Some couples marry young. This article discussed some reasons why a couple may choose to get married at a young age.

Saturday, May 24
What To Do When You’ve Got a Crush on Someone Other Than Your Spouse
A previous article lead Courtney to the discussion of crushes. She offers some insight on how to handle your feelings.

Marriage Types: Long Distance
In this article I take a look into some reasons why couples may have a long distance relationship. I also examine the hardships that some couples encounter.

Sunday, May 25
Marriage Types: Choosing Childless
Some couples simply know that they do not want children. Here I examine why some couples remain childless by choice.

Marriage Types: Same Sex
Most marriages take place between a man and a woman. However other marriages take place between partners of the same sex. In this article I take a look into those marriages.

What Would You do for Love?
In this article I recall some things that I read in an article that couple did for love. I also challenge the readers to comment with some of the crazy things that they have done.