Married for Years and Finding Yourself Single

Being married for years and then finding yourself single can leave you without knowing what step to take next.

No matter why you are now single (divorce or death of a spouse) you can experience a new found loneliness. Even if the marriage ended on your own terms, it may be difficult to get used to living in an empty house. You may dread coming home in the afternoons knowing that no one will be there.

While it may be hard to get accustomed to the new single life, you can make the best of it and even enjoy your new freedoms.

Get reacquainted with old friends or neighbors. It is likely that the duties of your marriage stopped or slowed down some of your past relationships. Try to build those back up and catch up on old times.

Start a hobby. Do something that you have always wanted to do. Take sewing or painting classes. Get involved in working out at the gym or an aerobics class.

Get a pet. If you do not have a pet, consider one. It may take some of your loneliness away and give you someone to talk to when you need it.

Get involved in your family. If you have grandchildren, there is no better pick me up than taking them out for date. They are sure to get your thoughts off of your troubles.

Try traveling. Go somewhere and live for yourself. Indulge yourself in the wonderful sights of the world. Take some time off and clear your mind at the beach or in a foreign country.

Get involved in community or church activities. Now that your have time, get involved. Go to meetings and offer to help at fundraisers and events.

Do not be afraid to look for a new companion. You do not have to get married again. However, finding someone in the same situation as you might be helpful. Look for someone to go see a movie with or to go out to eat.

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