Married Life Without Children

Married life is fulfilling in itself. Some people want to add children to their lives, and some don’t. Those who decide not to, have a great opportunity to live a fulfilled life, loving and providing for their spouse’s needs.

Married life without children is great. I happen to be among the childless (by choice) and have been married for close to 18 years. I’ve never had the desire to have children and neither has my husband. We have many friends who have children and a few who don’t.

It does get tough around friends who have children and don’t understand your choice not to. Sometimes they get judgmental or choose not to include childless couples in their social gatherings. This can be hard to take, but you can always make new and accepting friends who love you just the way you are and who don’t expect you to fit a traditional role.

Although it’s more accepting these days not to have children, there are still taboos out there, mostly among religious people. My husband and I happen to go to church and have found it to be pretty accepting. Sometimes the questions are posed, but as we get older we find that less and less people ask.

The wonderful thing about life without children is that you can use your time to do things that parents may not have time to do. You can also help your friends out with babysitting duties, if you like that sort of thing, or you can also do more in the community to help others.

Being married without children allows you to really get to know yourself and your spouse on a more intimate level. Your time and attention aren’t divided, allowing you to devote yourself more fully to your spouse and to the things you enjoy together. That’s always a plus!