Mass-Producing Handmade Cards

It natural extension of our scrapbooking hobby to create handmade cards out of paper scraps and embellishments. Mass-producing (making more that one of the same card, at the same time) is a great way to make sure that you will always have a card on hand when the need arises.

Always make a least 2 cards at a time. It really doesn’t take very much extra time to make a second card when you already have all of the materials out. The time consuming part of card making for me is coming up with the design. If you have already designed a card you plan to give away, why not make a second card that you can use as a reference in the future.

Complete each step for each card at the same time. You will spend too much time working if you complete one card and then move on to complete the next one. It is such a time saver to complete the first step for all of the cards, such as cutting and folding the card bases out first, and then move onto the second step. Think of it as setting up a mini assembly line right on your table.

Work on steps that requiring drying time first. Try to plan ahead and think about any pieces of the card that will require some extra time to dry. If you are using paint, dimentional paste or slow drying inks, finish this first so that it is dry and ready when you want to place it onto the card.

Organize finished cards. Set up a simple filing system to use for storing finished cards. I suggest using a box (even a shoe box will do) and create labeled dividers for the different types of cards you made.

A few of my favorite card categories are:

Birthday Girl

Birthday Boy



Just Because


Thank You


For You

Have fun using some scrapbook supplies while creating a small piece of yourself to give away to someone you care about.