Matchbox Ornament Gifts

These cute little gifts that double as ornaments are a simple solution to last minute presents for kids to make for friends and relatives.

Not only are these gifts cute and easy, but they are inexpensive, too. The charm lies in the it’s-the-thought-that-counts factor because you can easily personalize each one for the recipient.

You will need:

Wrapping Paper
Double-stick tape or glue
Optional: glitter glue, stickers, pom-poms, or other decorative items to glue on the boxes.
A small gift to go inside the box (see ideas below)

1. Cut a piece of paper to wrap around the outside of the box. It’s looks neat if you use double-sided tape or glue to hide inside the seam instead of Scotch tape on the outside.

2. Wrap a ribbon around the outside of the box (the short way, not the long way–you need to be able to slide open the little box) and tie a bow. The box will look cute just how it is, but you can add some glitter glue, stickers, pom poms or whatever you want to further decorate the box.

3. Poke a hole in the front of the box that pulls out (adult job!). Cut a piece of ribbon about 6 inches long and fold it in half. Poke both ends through the hole. Tie a large knot so the ribbon can’t slip back through. (You may want to tie a pony bead in the knot if you’ve got a large hole.)

4. Fill the matchbox with a little gift and tie on a tiny gift tag.

Here are some ideas for filling the matchboxes:

– Stamps for someone who likes to write letters or for a stamp collector

– Small hairclips and elastics

– Earrings, bracelet, necklace or tie tack

– Beads for a crafter

– Stickers

– Buttons for someone who sews

– Fancy paper clips

– Coins for a coin collector

– A letter or drawing

A letter or drawing is probably the best gift for kids to give to older relatives. This ornament is guaranteed to be carefully packed away to enjoy for years to come!