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Have you been introduced to Math Tutor DVDs? If not, you are in for a treat. Math Tutor DVDs are a great tool for homeschoolers and parents of school children alike. Offered in math from Pre-Alegbra through Calculus you can help give your child extra help or a jump start lesson for under $30.00! These DVDs can quite possibly replace a tutor which means no more costly hourly rates. This is one program you cannot afford NOT to have if you are not a math minded homeschooler or if you need some back up when teaching your child math. The instructor is through, easy to understand, and will repeat himself as many times as you can hit the rewind button. The DVDs are logically laid out in a step by step fashion and teach each concept in a way that reaches a student struggling or a student just learning an area of study. If you watch it with your child, which I recommend, you will become a more confident teacher as you can easily refer back to the DVD. My junior high student did not love sitting down and watching a DVD on math yet it produced positive results. She did not complain it was boring or silly. She acted like any child would when you say it’s math movie time! Yet, she listened intently and gathered the information and tools she needed to better understand her math.

This program can be used with any method or curriculum as it simply explains concepts. It truly is a Math Tutor that you have access to any time and doesn’t mind going over something a hundred time if necessary. He also doesn’t mind if you fast forward him, pause him, or start a lesson over. Guess what? You can even chew gum or get drink around him and he will never complain.

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