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I love, love mini pumpkins. Not only are they adorable, versatile and portable, they are also quite affordable. You can purchase a small pail full of mini pumpkins for less than it would cost to buy a single full-sized gourd. What’s more, the decorating possibilities using several mini pumpkins versus one large one are virtually limitless.

If you are considering experimenting with mini pumpkins this fall try out these simple projects that will turn your little gourds into major masterpieces:

Mini Pumpkin Candle Holders: These natural candle holders made from mini pumpkins will enhance any fall-themed design. All you need to make them is a sharp knife, a spoon, several mini pumpkins and matching votive candles. To start, use the knife to remove the pumpkin’s stem. Next, use the spoon to dig out a small hole to rest the candle in. Insert the candles into the pumpkins and place them in a centerpiece or line-up an entire collection along a mantle or display on an end table. To add some extra bling to your mini pumpkin candle holders you could paint them gold or cover them with glitter.

Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece: If you are looking for a quick, easy and affordable autumn-themed centerpiece for your dining room table, collect several mini pumpkins, some fall leaves, twigs, Indian corn, dried grass, a large glass vase or a trifle dish, and some apples or small pine cones. If you opt for the pine cones, you might consider painting some of them gold to give the centerpiece some sparkle. Otherwise, fill the vase or dish with apples and mini pumpkins. Next, gently arrange the twigs, leaves and grass in the spaces left by the fruit and gourds. Finally, arrange some ears of Indian corn around the finished product and place in the center of your table.

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