Meals to Make When You Have No Money for Groceries

Do you need to feed your family this week but have nothing to buy groceries with? What can you do? You might be tempted to use that credit card for food, but that can put your finances in even more danger. If you just need to get through the week, try some of the following tips. You can also use these tips to save the $100-$200 you might normally spend on food and apply that money elsewhere, such as to pay down debt or put toward a needed purchase.

First, take an inventory of your items. You might be surprised to find that with a little creativity you can throw something together for a meal or two. Casseroles and soups can be especially easy to throw together when you have a strange collection of stuff. A cup of a vegetable here, another vegetable there, a can of soup and a topping of cereal crumbs or biscuits can feed you when needed.

Buy just a few inexpensive items if you can. A can or container of chicken broth along with some carrots and egg noodles can make a very cheap meal. Add a small salad if you have a few dollars to spend, in order to get some veggies.

Think outside the box when it comes to meals. You can make a simple breakfast out of granola bars and apples if that is all you have. Open a can of soup for lunch and pair it with a bit of cheese, etc. Just use up whatever you have.

Here is another really filling meal that can be purchased with change you might find around the house if you need to. Buy a small bag of dried great northern beans. Soak them overnight, then cook them in the morning until soft. Throw them in a crock pot with ketchup, brown sugar, molasses (really cheap), dry or prepared mustard, salt and about 3/4 cup of water. Let it cook all day on low (ideally 10 hours). Pair it with some rice (not instant, it costs more), for plenty of protein. It will last you for a few meals and can also be used as a side dish.

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