Medical Transcription Schools: Career Step, Part Three

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Here is part three of the interview with Amanda, the Administrative Assistant at Career Step:

Are there any scholarships offered by Career Step? Career Step’s Scholarship Program is based on the financial need of the applicant. In order to qualify for a scholarship, an applicant must complete the scholarship application and write the required essay. The 1-2 page essay should give a brief personal background, elaborate on your interest in Medical Transcription, your financial circumstances, your employment and educational background, and how the course will benefit you or your family.

Can people apply for federal loans and/or Pell grants to use towards tuition? Career Step does offer private loans for tuition that have flexible payments terms that will fit into most budgets. Career Step is not eligible to receive Federal grants or financing at this time.

What medium(s) does Career Step incorporate when teaching (tapes, CDs, Internet, books, forums, etc)? Career Step offers a fully interactive online approach to education. The online courses integrate sound, video, a virtual classroom, discussion forum and a virtual library. All course study materials, exams and practice dictations are online. All students receive a complementary reference library that includes Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, Career Step Medical/Surgical Word Book and Saunders’ Pharmaceutical Word Book, free with enrollment. The Dorland’s Medical Dictionary may also be purchased in an electronic format in addition to receiving the text. Students may also purchase a hard copy version of the textbooks and cassette tapes which contain all of the same curriculum and doctors dictations that are available with the online course. These textbooks and cassette tapes are not necessary to purchase to be able to complete the course, but many of Career Step’s students find them very beneficial.

Career Step also has a Student Forum. This forum is an online discussion center where Career Step students and graduates can chat about hot topics, ask and answer questions, and give advice and encouragement. Students will find answers to many of their questions throughout the course on the Career Step forum.

Career Step also hosts a chat every Thursday, in which a staff member or a special guest will be available to answer your questions. Watch the Forum and the announcement board on the online course for more information about moderated chats.

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