Meet Joanna Campbell Slan – The Journaling Expert

Joanna Campbell Slan, Scrapbook StorytellingJoanna Campbell Slan is one amazing woman. Coming from a small town, she has always loved to cut and paste and essentially create scrapbooks. She was a born story teller and it is obvious in her writing. Joanna now resides near me, in St. Louis, Missouri, where she has taught countless college courses, scrapbook workshops and the like, helping other scrapbookers preserve their histories and journal to the best of their abilities.

She has written six absolutely amazing journaling books that focus on preserving personal histories. Her ideas take you on an adventure in your journaling that will far surpass other books you have read.

Besides her amazing scrapbook journaling books, she has also written a handful of other useful guided journaling books, to get you motivated and help you count your blessings. She is a professional writer and teaches classes for Writer’s Digest at their Writers online Workshops website.

The books she has written for scrapbookers on journaling include:

Scrapbook Storytelling

One Minute Journaling

Quick & Easy Pages

Storytelling with Rubber Stamps

Adventures in Journaling

The Scrapbooker’s Journaling Companion (E-book)

At this time, she has just finished her seventh book she has titled “The Best Of British Scrapbooking”.

Not only has Joanna written these amazing books for scrapbookers, journalists and family history preservers, she has also written a college textbook. Her textbook, “Using Stories and Humor: Grab Your Audience”, is one of my favorite books I have ever purchased as a freelance writer. As a full-time writer, I have found much guidance and direction in this college text. It will help improve your writing skills as well as your journaling, and teach you a bit about engaging your audience and keeping them with you through the entire thing.

I highly recommend any book by Joanna Campbell Slan and they are available at various scrapbook retailers,, and local book chains.

You can learn more about Joanna Campbell Slan by visiting her website: Scrapbook Storytelling.