Meet the Teachers Night

All our parents visited during the last three weeks of July. Having so much extended family around is exhausting. I wish we lived closer to all our families so everyone could see everyone more. In the meantime, visits are infrequent and packed full of activity.

One of my favorite moms’ group events, Manicures and Munchies, was not long after all the parents had departed. I wanted to go, but didn’t buy my ticket fast enough. I wanted Chris to be well rested first. By the time I went to buy, the event was sold out. I was disappointed, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. That night was Meet The Teachers night at Jessie’s new school.

I was excited about this school year. Pre-K through second grade classes were moving to a new campus. According to the flyer sent home on the last day of school, all classes were full day. I had some misgivings about Jessie staying all day. I was more excited about having all the time to be able to do things.

When we got to the school we checked in and found out where Jessie’s class was. That was when I found out that pre-k is still half day, which the flyer and website failed to mention that. I was crushed. I had scheduled two of Emily’s specialist appointments for while Jessie was in school. I was looking forward to not having to keep Jessie out of school so I could go to my moms’ group luncheons.

I rescheduled Emily’s appointments. I had to reschedule Jessie’s dentist because I accidentally scheduled Emmy in that time slot. A bright spot is that Jessie gets to continue to nap every day. Another bright spot is that when family visits, they’ll be able to spend time with her.