Memorial Day Scrapbooking

Memorial day celebrations are plenty. With parades, commemoration ceremonies, flag ceremonies and barbecues, there are many things to take photographs of. Honoring the men and women who lay their lives on the line for us, is an important part of being an American. This day is special in so many ways.

When you sit down to create a layout for Memorial day, it is great to include all the photographs from the different events that you attended or celebrated. However, there is much more you can do to make your layouts reflect the true meaning of the day. Perhaps when you are finished creating layouts about the events, you could dig a little deeper.

Today would be a great day to create a special layout for someone who has fought, served or died for our country. We all know someone. Remember what made that person special, journal about their days in the service or what they saw. If the person is still living, take some time to interview them. You might hear stories you’ve never heard before, you just have to ask.

Memorial day is a great day to do layouts of this kind, and to commemorate our loved ones lives in a special way. Don’t make the mistake of only remembering and scrapbooking the parades and ceremonies. Scrapbook the people who made this day possible, the people who we remember today. And don’t forget to commemorate the little things either. If it is a family tradition to visit a grave site on this day, be sure to take pictures, and remember why you visit. Make these into layouts for your regular album, or create a special smaller mini album for Memorial Day.

No matter how you remember today, or what you do, it should hold a place of honor in your scrapbooks. We scrapbook the memories so our future generations can enjoy glimpsing into our lives. Wouldn’t it be something to pass that on for generations and generations?

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