Memory Mixers – Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy

The scrapbook paper and embellishment company, Lasting Impressions for Paper, has released new software that allows the user to create digital scrapbook pages. Memory Mixers allows the user to combine video, music and graphics all into scrapbook page layouts.

I have been thinking about trying out some digital scrapbook pages since that are endless possibilities when creating the page on the computer. I have spent time researching how creating digital pages can be created easily for a beginner. Through my research I have discovered Memory Mixer, which is software that can be purchased and loaded onto your own computer. The retail cost of this software is $79.95. The application is available in both Windows (2000 or XP required) and Mac (OS X 10.3.5 or higher) versions.

After purchasing the software, you can load in your photos, music, and videos and let the fun begin. There are over 2000 backgrounds and embellishments included with the application. It addition, there are over 200 professionally designed page layouts (albums) included. Additional albums or page layouts can be purchased on the web.

This is a great way to store and preserve all of your collected memorabilia such as diplomas, certificates, children’s artwork, ticket stubs, and travel brochures all in one organized place. All you need to do is scan in the memorabilia and file it.

There are many options for photo correcting such as brightening, darkening, blurring, sharpening and correcting the contrast. There are also a lot of fun things you can play with to change the appearance of your pictures like changing to it to black and white, sepia. Some other cool effects are changing the photo to look like a sketch or an impressionist painting. Mats and shadows can also be added to the pictures.

Music can be added to your layout by either attaching in the song to a single picture or you can set the music to play throughout the entire album.

One of the most interesting features is that you can add video and sound to your pages. The photo on the page can come to life with the video that you load into the layout. What a great way to preserve both photos and video about a specific event – both in one place.

You can share your albums by printing your pages at home, creating a CD, having the pages professionally printed, or order a DVD. They will also have photo book availble soon.

This looks like a great tool for a novice digital scrapbooker and should even be fun for someone with more experience. I think I may have to give this a try!