Men Just Don’t Understand

Men simply don’t understand the whole concept of women’s handbags. How often have you heard a husband or boyfriend say,
‘You need to get rid of some of that junk out of your handbag,’ or some similar comment. Yes, Mick has been known to say this.

The woman will usually reply, ‘But it’s all needed.’ Or it might be, she could add. That’s the things men don’t understand about women’s handbags. They’re not always about what you need so much as what you might need.

As well as essentials like purse or wallet complete with credit cards and those loyalty card many shops hand out these days, make up, tissues, you might also find headache tablets, eye drops, business cards, pens, diary and notebook, sunglasses. Yes you guessed it, they are just the things I can think of that are in my handbag.

I know other women have scissors, Band-Aids, shopping lists, CDs, sun cream, sewing kits, emery board, cream for sports injuries or itches and bites. All sorts of bizarre things can be found in the bottom of women’s handbags. Recently at a high tea, one woman produced a cup and saucer wrapped in a tea towel from her handbag.

For years men have ridiculed women and their need for handbags and the things that collect in them but things are changing.
These days, instead of asking their wife or girlfriend to put whatever it is they need to keep safe in her handbag,men are starting to get the idea. Several men I know have opted for their own bag.

Men’s clothing stores have cottoned on to the idea and are starting to introduce masculine looking bags for our guys, so they will no longer need to ask us for the wallet or keys or whatever it is in our handbag they have their own bag.

How will it change the relationship if husbands no longer have to rely on their wives to carry those things they don’t want to lose? And it does beg the question, what will men keep in their bags? Will they be the useful source of practical items and amusement women’s handbags have been?

One thing I know is I won’t go ferreting around in Mick’s bag any more than he does in mine. It comes back to that respecting each other’s privacy in marriage.

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