Merry Christmas and Happy Decorating

Since Christmas will be here in just a few days, I thought I’d include a few last minute decorating ideas. These are handy for people who don’t have much time for decorating or who will be traveling during the holidays but would still like to add some festive touches to their homes.

Spruce up your dining table, sideboard, and even your coffee table with these simple centerpieces. These projects are fun to make, using candles and a few extra touches. They are also quick and easy to disassemble and to put away.

Candle Collection

Place an assortment of white candles in differing sizes and shapes on a metallic serving tray or a mirrored tray. Candles should all be the same scent if you plan to light them. Intertwine metallic Christmas ribbon around the bases of the candles, wrapping and bunching it up as you go. Insert a few Christmas themed floral picks that have items covered in faux snow. If you cannot find any that you like, use miniature decorations or picks that you already have and spray on artificial snow.

Essence of Pine

Place a pine-scented candle, preferably one contained in glass, on a gold or silver charger. Surround it with small sections of pine boughs and different sized pine cones. These can be natural or artificial. Pine cones that are painted gold and silver look nice. If you choose painted pine cones, tie a pretty gold or silver ribbon around the candle.

Contemporary Look

This is one of the simplest centerpieces, yet it looks quite elegant. Simply line up votive candles, down the center of the table, about 2-3″ apart. This effect works best with candles that are the same color (and same scent), inside clear votive holders or on clear candle plates. Use them as is, or intertwine garland between candle-holders. Light the candles as the sun begins to set or as guests begin to arrive.

Please visit tomorrow for more centerpiece ideas.