Method Behind the Madness


My local scrapbook shop has the cutest framed cartoon strip hanging near the cash register. The first box features a woman getting rave reviews about her latest elaborate scrapbook creation. In the second box, her pals heap on more praise and question how she is able to craft such incredibly neat and detailed page designs. Finally, in the last box, you see the woman’s craft space. The room looks like a tornado ripped through it. Paper, embellishments and scrapbooking tools are scattered in a chaotic mess and you can barely make out where the woman is able to put together her oh-so perfect memory albums.

I chuckle every time I see that cartoon because my scrapbook area looks very similar to the animated one. Only my layouts are not nearly as organized. The point is most scrapbookers have a method behind their madness, even if it doesn’t appear as though they shoot from the hip. When it comes to scrapbook supply organization and storage, there are no hard and fast rules. Some people are more deliberate than others when it comes to finding and sticking to a system, while others are content to work in what may look like the aftermath of a hurricane.

I can’t function if there is too much clutter around me; however, my crafting space doesn’t at all resemble a room designed by Martha Stewart. Rather, I use basic storage tools such as binders to keep my supplies in order. Simple three-ring binders help keep my scrapbook stickers organized. I slide packaged stickers in a plastic sheet protector, and then add the sheets to the binder.

An alternative to an inexpensive binder is an expanding accordion file. You can use the pockets to store memorabilia, as well as scrapbook supplies, such as stickers and die cuts. For chipboard, rub-ons, metal charms, and other accessories, a cardboard or plastic photo box comes in quite handy. Wicker baskets are also fantastic storage for memorabilia, while peg boards and filing cabinets help keep paper organized.

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