Military Families Review (Jan-Feb 3)

January may have come and gone but the military hasn’t. Here’s is a quick overview of what we learned about the military from the end of Jan to the beginning of Feb.

Don’t just think that deployment is a one person deal. Nope, deployment deals with everyone that has ever been touched by the military member that is about to be deployed and kids really go through the brunt of it all. Kids, Deployment And Depression talks about all the feelings that may go with it. Are you preparing to have a loved one deploy? If you are this is a great article to read up on before it happens just to get an idea of what to expect. Never forget though, just because one child can handle it doesn’t mean the next will. Deployment and Children From a Previous Relationship is a great one, it isn’t just biological children in the family that are affected. It’s everyone.

While we are deploying many of us deal with our own emotions, but Trudy Marshall-Bowler has touched on those feelings of our spouse in, “Understanding Your Deployed Soldier.”

Not every wife goes to work while her husband is at his job, instead there are a few of us that stay home. “A Day in This Military Wife’s Life,” is a brief look at a typical day in my life as a Military wife. I’d love to hear more about your daily lives, feel free to comment.

I love reading the military family blog, not just because I write it but because I’ve learned a lot from reading entries from the other military wives such as Lisa and Trudy and this past week I had actually missed an article that would’ve made me irate. Trudy makes her response known in, “My Response To William Arkin Of The Washington Post.” It all began after he wrote up a column in the Washington Post telling all of us how much us military families should take and be thankful for. I haven‘t even begun to make a statement on this one yet. Great Response Trudy and I must agree where were the millions of people when it came time to send care packages?

Now that you’ve read all about Arkin and what he really thinks about the military and how some of the military wives feel, try reading on how to support the troops with, “It’s Time To Take A Stand.”

Finally, to end this week we bring you a Soldier, learn about him and get a piece of what the military really is in, “Meet My Soldier” by Trudy Marshall-Bowler. Once again I thank you all for reading military families and invite you to come and enjoy another week in the military.