Mimi Totes for Scrapbooking

As scrapbookers, we tend to have many supplies that need occasionally need to pack up to take to a crop or a friend’s house to scrapbook. This can be a challenging task if you don’t have the right type of bag for the job. Mimi Totes, which are made by Thermo Web, offers a wide variety of options that would work for any scrapper or stamper on the go.

All of the bags/totes are sold in 5 different color combinations. They offer all black, pink/chocolate, blue/chocolate, lilac/chocolate and (my favorite) green suede and chocolate. I love the stylish designs with more contemporary looks that some of the other totes currently on the market.

The Essential Tool Tote.

This tote is a great way to store your most used supplies both while you are at home or when you are going out to a crop. This bag has a system of fold out compartments that gives you a lot of space for storing many supplies. This is perfect for pens, markers, punches, scissors, etc. There are even storage pocket large enough to hold templates or magazines.

Travelmate Scrap Tote.

This bag is large enough to hold 12 X 12 paper and it even comes with a paper organizer. It is also big enough to hold a large album. There is also storage space for pens. It also includes several pockets for storing other essential supplies for a crop. This is the bag I recommend it you can only get one bag since it holds just the right amount of supplies for a one night crop.

Medium and Large Wheeled Totes.

Mimi offers rolling totes in two sizes. They are similar because they both hold loads of supplies that should give any scrapper ample room to store supplies for a night out. The medium sized tote is about the size of an average backpack. The large tote has even more pockets for storage. If you need a place to store all of your supplies while both at home and going to crops, then the large tote could be the storage solution for you.

DigiScrap Laptop Tote.

Mimi just released a tote that is designed to hold a laptop along with space for additional goodies. This will be available in the fall.

Whatever your scrapbook totes requirements may be I’m sure that Mimi Totes will have an option that will fill your needs.