Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005)

When Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) took down the bad guys and saved the pageant at the end of “Miss Congeniality,” she became something of a celebrity. Now, in “Miss Congeniality 2,” she’s trying to return to work as an FBI agent, but her face is too famous. A curious and adoring fan interrupts a sting at a bank, and she realizes that the days of being an anonymous agent are over.

This isn’t such a bad thing, though – her boss comes to her with a unique proposition. She should take the celebrity status she has and use it to her best advantage. She is being asked to become the face of the FBI, to help soften the bureau’s image in the public eye. She really doesn’t like the idea.

Agent Matthews, her love interest at the end of the first movie, has decided things are going too fast for him and has put in a transfer. Gracie, hurt and shattered, decides to take her boss up on her offer. She will become the spokesperson for the FBI, if for no other reason than to grind Eric Matthews’ face in it.

Ten months have gone by, and she’s a whole new person. Unfortunately, that’s not always a good thing. She’s taken this public image thing too far, concentrating on her clothes and make-up to take her mind off the emotional pain she’s feeling, and she’s acting like a prima donna. This isn’t sitting well with her bodyguard, Sam Fuller, a tough young woman who’s on the verge of getting kicked off the bureau for anger management issues. She keeps trying to take Gracie down a notch, but it’s not until Miss United States, Gracie’s best friend, is kidnapped that Gracie realizes how much she’s changed. She wants to be herself again.

Going back into agent mode, Gracie manages to find Miss United States and bring the bad guys to justice, realizing along the way that she does like herself and that she can move forward without hiding from herself.

There is some language and some violence in the film, but I enjoyed it immensely overall. It’s not often that I like the sequel as much as I do the original, but this is an exception.

This film is rated PG-13.

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