Miss Guided

“Miss Guided” is a new comedy that premiered last week on ABC. Judy Greer stars as Becky Freely, a young woman who has chosen to go into counseling for her career and is now working as the guidance counselor at her alma mater. She would like to think that her own insecurities about her high school experience are far behind her – she had braces and wasn’t the skinniest, prettiest, or most popular girl at school – but from time to time, she has memories of what it was like to be an outcast, and she feels herself to be in the perfect position to sympathize with the students who might find themselves in the same rut. They might not feel that she really “gets” where they’re coming from, however – the world is a little bit of a different place than it was when she was their age.

Her biggest problem these days is the crush she has on the Spanish teacher, Tim (Kristoffer Polaha). Try as she might to get his attention – and believe me, she’s trying really hard – he doesn’t seem to get the message that she’s interested. But when her old nemesis, the gorgeous Lisa Germain, returns to join the faculty, he seems to read her signs loud and clear. Feeling rejected, Becky is thrown back to her past, when Lisa always got the guy, always had the clothes and the perfect teeth and all the positive attention. In the end, though, Tim stands up for Becky when it matters the most.

As one could probably expect from a comedy set in the middle of a high school, there is some sexual content. It’s not constant—rather, a comment here and there, but it’s definitely present. And while there is comedy, I can’t say that it’s hysterical. My overall feelings on this show are that it’s pleasant, but not enough to warrant setting your TiVo.

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