Missing Kids Now on A Screensaver

Finding missing kids depends a lot on getting the word out. In fact, one in six children are recovered as a result of people like you and I seeing their picture, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). With more than 4,000 children currently reported missing, that is a huge number of children being found.

We’ve all seen the photos of children on milk cartons and on flyers in the post office or grocery stores. Now, the Center is hoping to make even more of an impact with the launch of a new screensaver that will feature photos and information on missing children. The screensaver is tailored to whatever region of the United States the viewing computer is located.

The NCMEC hopes that the screensaver will be highly visible in police stations, office buildings and other high traffic public places, as well as being viewable in the home.

The screensaver was developed in a partnership with Global Software Applications, a private software company. The company provides public Internet kiosks in hotels, resorts and Internet cafes. It is currently working with the NCMEC to provide photos on these machines.

I think this is a great idea. People have a great affinity for remembering faces, and getting those faces in front of all of us may just save children from being exploited or worse. We can all become engaged at finding these children.

The screensaver is easy to download, although the download information is a little scarce. It appears that the screensaver is currently only available for Windows-based operating systems. You can choose to download a screensaver from one of three regions, east, central or west, and the missing children’s information is updated through your Internet connection. To download the screen saver, visit the website at: www.missingkidsaver.com

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