Mission Possible: My Confession

A couple of months ago I began writing for the weight loss blog. In researching my articles and watching discussions in the forums, I have come to learn that people will do almost anything to lose weight. We’re willing to starve ourselves, knowingly give ourselves diarrhea either through a ‘colon cleanse’ or Alli, our pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to lose weight.

I am so surprised at the lengths some women will go to lose weight that I am putting my foot down and saying ‘no more’. We don’t have to do these things to our bodies in order to lose weight. It’s not healthy to lose weight this way either. Weight loss is simply math. . .move more + eat less = weight loss. It’s not simple because we have to work to get there and we have to conquer the issues that cause us to over eat in the first place. But in essence, if you move more and eat less you will lose weight.

My Confession

I have resisted chronicling my own weight loss journey because we already had quite a few bloggers chronicling their own journeys and I felt it would be overkill. I have resisted sharing exactly how over weight I am or how I am going about losing weight.

Until now. Welcome to Mission Possible. I have a point to prove.

My point is simple. I believe you can lose weight without the gimmicks, without the cost, and definitely without the diarrhea. I believe that you can lose weight by simply moving more and eating less. I am inviting you to join me on my journey of weight loss. If you too are tired of spending a fortune or jumping through crazy hoops just to lose a little weight. Join me.

And how much weight do I actually have to lose?

55 pounds. My BMI right now is 31 which is considered obese. (If you’re not sure what your BMI is, here is a free calculating tool.)

And yes, you’ll notice I left my actual weight off. My focus is on being healthy. I will lose weight but not by focusing on the scale but by focusing on my actions.

I have actually been on this journey for a few months now. . .but as I’ve said, I’ve resisted sharing it. However, I am deeply concerned about the literal torture I hear people putting themselves through just to drop a few pounds. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT.

My next Mission Possible blog will be on my rules for dieting and achieving my goals. I do hope you’ll join me.