Mixed Up First Day of School

Today was my son’s first day of second grade at a brand new school. Things were a little mixed up there. The school district is growing dramatically and they had 300 elementary school age kids enroll this summer when they expected only 100. As a result class sizes are very large. My son’s class has 30 students and a sixth grade class in the same school has 39. They are hoping to hire at least three more teachers to help bring some of the grades class sizes down, but since school has already started it may be difficult. Next year another new school will be finished which my son will attend.

Tyler does not have a desk yet. He’s sitting at a table along with four of his classmates. His school does not have playground equipment either, just two huge piles of sand and playground bark. Because they have already set the boundaries for the students who will attend next year’s new school those students are spread throughout the existing elementary schools depending on their grade. One of my friends has her five children in five different schools: high school, middle school, and three elementary schools.

Since today was my son’s birthday I asked his teacher if I could bring treats to the class. They got out early today so she asked me to come at 12:15. When I arrived the classroom was empty so we walked outside to look for Tyler. His class was still standing in line waiting to get into the lunchroom to eat lunch. Finally at 12:25 they entered the lunchroom. School got out at 12:35. So his class was sent outside with Styrofoam lunch trays to catch the bus and finish their lunch. Backpacks were left in the classroom since there was no time to go and get them. The problem in the lunchroom was that the bar codes for each student were not ready so each student’s number had to be typed in by hand, which took a lot longer.

My son does like his teacher and his best friend from last year is in his class again, which is nice. But so is the kid that bullied him at recess. But his teacher is already aware of the problem and I’m hoping things will be different this year.

Because there are so many students my son has to transfer buses in the afternoon and will be taking two different buses home. I just talked to a friend who lives a few houses away. Her son who rode the bus isn’t home yet and school’s been out for an hour and forty-five minutes. We only live a little over a mile away from the school. Luckily I took my son home today and I will be driving him home tomorrow too. Since I get to go back tomorrow for my son’s birthday celebration. Hopefully things will get straightened out and next year will start a lot smoother.

How was your child’s first day of school?

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