Molly Mommy? – Tamra Norton

aeracadcIn “Molly Mommy?” we see what ended up happening to Molly Chambers, the spirited strawberry blonde from Tamra Norton’s bestselling book, “Molly Mormon?” Molly has always resented being called a Molly Mormon, but she realizes that it’s not such a bad thing to be, after all.

As we start our story, Molly and her new husband Gordon are living in a tiny apartment and finishing up school. They’re both working, and there are days when they barely see each other at all. But they’re very much in love, and the time they do have together is sweet and special.

However, they don’t always get to be alone. Molly’s younger brother, Curt, needs a place to live, and asks if he can come stay with Gordon and Molly. His rent will allow Molly to quit work and pursue her old high school dreams – of being on the basketball team. She hasn’t played for a little while, but with Gordon’s encouragement, she tries out for the college team and makes it.

With all the chaos of Curt moving in and Molly making the team, she nearly misses the telltale symptoms—she’s pregnant!

We go with Molly as she worries about her ability to be a mother, juggling her new roles and learning about babies. When the happy day does arrive, not everything goes smoothly, but we see it all come to a very happy ending.

I enjoy Tamra Norton’s writing a lot. I would have liked to see a little more about her pregnancy and the babies in this book, as the title indicates that’s what it’s primarily about, and I felt like I wasn’t seeing everything I wanted to. However, that didn’t keep this from being a delightful story and I will continue to read everything Tamra Norton publishes.

(This book was published in 2005 by Bonneville Books.)

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