“Mom, You Need To Work Out More!”

Yes, you heard it. This is the sage advice of my six-year-old following our afternoon practice on the roller skates. It’s amazing how much changes since we were kids. Friends of ours gave our daughter roller skates for Christmas and my mother, in turn, gave me a pair of roller skates so that I could take my daughter roller skating.

It’s a Lot Like Riding a Bike

Roller skating is a lot like riding a bike, you remember how to balance and control yourself. You remember how to turn. You remember how to stop. Remembering how to stop is really important. However, as much as I remember how it works and how much I enjoy doing it – my muscles are protesting mightily about the abuse.

So yesterday, my daughter and I are practicing our roller skating. She’s getting pretty good at it – controlling her motions and catching herself before she falls. She’s getting the hang of turning and she’s going further and further without having to grab my hand for balance or support. I spent about 30 minutes longer on the skates yesterday than I had previously – a lot of it in stop and go.

When we were done and getting our skates off – my legs started protesting mightily. I stretched them out and limped a little back into the house. My daughter watched me for a moment and then bounced in after me. She cocked her head to one side and said, “Mommy, what’s wrong?”

“My legs hurt.” I told her.

She nodded sagely and then stated. “Mommy, you should work out more. Remember, you have to practice so that your muscles will get used to it and maybe you should do more treadmill and stuff.”

I admit it – my jaw hit the floor and I laughed until I couldn’t breathe. My legs hurt and so did my sides, but I had to give her a hug and a kiss. She’s heard me talk about this stuff way too much and she sounded so utterly serious in her convictions.

Of course, the real kick in the pants is she’s right.

Fitness Tip: The average 150 pound person burns about 384 calories an hour roller skating.

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