MOMA Winter Sale Up to 65% Off

Do your tastes run more to Picasso than Van Gogh? Do you know who Mondrian is, or what Contemporary style represents? If so, you might want to pick up a bargain at the Museum of Modern Art’s Winter Sale. This is higher-end stuff at a lower end price. Although our home is in more of a minimalist style (at least, I’m trying to get there!), some of the things on sale looked pretty interesting.Monet Water Lilies

Sure, I’d love to have the $2500 Lotus chair marked down to “only” $1300, but I’ll settle for some of the basement bargains for now! There is some fantastic artwork on sale. For instance, a matter 11×14 print of Cezanne’s “Bridge at Maincy” is only $2.99. You can’t even buy the mat for that price! Or how about a poster of one of my favorites, Monet’s “Water Lilies” for only $5.99? It’s not only artwork, though.

MoMA has its own brand for kids, Modern Kids. Shirts have been marked down to $4.99. As a scrapbooker and card-maker, the best section for me is the Holiday markdowns. Ten dot tree imprintable cards for a dollar. I plan to remove the bottom of the tree, do a little embellishing, and I’ll have a birthday or everyday card. For a dime apiece. I’m always trying to think how I can change something on clearance to make it fit my own lifestyle. The cards are one example.

I could never afford much from MoMA at regular prices. We just don’t run in those circles. But at this sale, I’m picking up some items not only for myself, but for Christmas of 2007. Yes, that’s eleven months away. They’ll go into the gift closet until they’re opened in December, and my brother oohs and aahs over the wonderfully expensive Munch notecards I got him. “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” Shhhh, no telling.

Link to MoMA Winter Sale