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waiting I want to introduce you to one of my favorite web sites out there. It is called Moment of Beauty. A new, lovely, photo or image is presented every day. From bright images of flowers and landscapes to solemn photos of religious statutes in shadow, to little hands discovering new things, Moment of Beauty offers a wonderful new surprise each day.

I enjoy this web site because it is very family friendly, it brings a smile or moment of serenity to my day, it reminds me to slow down, and it introduces me to some pretty interesting people. One of those people is Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, the founder and operator of Moment of Beauty. I was lucky enough to interview her about her website.

Mary Ann: What is the purpose of your web site Moment of Beauty?

Patrice: We are all so busy that we often don’t take the time to appreciate the beauty
that surrounds us. I wanted to provide a venue where people could have the opportunity to have a “moment of beauty” for each day – to help them take notice of all the beauty that there is in the world.

Mary Ann: What gave you the idea for Moment of Beauty? Can you tell me how it got started?

Patrice: I was reading “Aloha-ha-ha” – a Junie B. Jones Book – to my children. In it, Junie B. has to keep a photo-journal with a photo for each day of her Hawaiian vacation. That is what gave me the idea of putting up a photo for each day. It just goes to show, one never knows where inspiration will come from!

Next up, Patrice will tell us what is the best part of Moment of Beauty, how you can contribute to this popular website and more. Don’t miss it. It is coming up in the next hour!nature

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