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flowers I want to introduce you to one of my favorite web sites out there. It is called Moment of Beauty. A new, lovely, photo or image is presented every day. From bright images of flowers and landscapes to solemn photos of religious statutes in shadow, to little hands discovering new things, Moment of Beauty offers a wonderful new surprise each day.

This is the second half of the series. If you missed the first blog, click here.

Mary Ann: What do you think is the best thing about Moment of Beauty?

Patrice: For me, it is getting to pick out the wonderful photos and sharing them with others. For viewers, I hope that it brings a smile to their face and gives them a few seconds of peace in their day. I also hope that they will share beautiful photos that they have taken with others.

Mary Ann: Do you use all of the photos that are submitted?

Patrice: I try to!

Mary Ann: How can someone contribute to Moment of Beauty and be part of the website?

Patrice: Photos can be sent via email to If you have a blog or website that you would like me to link to, I am happy to do that as well.

Mary Ann: Can you pick out your three favorite images?

Patrice: Oh my goodness, that is hard! Each image has something uniquely special about it.

Patrice also wanted to mention the following: I would like to let readers know that 50 percent of all the advertising and affiliate revenue earned on the site is donated to charity. Right now, I am supporting Habitat for Humanity. So, please when you visit the site, take the time to visit our advertisers, or, if you are planning a purchase through, you can click through from our site and we will earn a commission on your sale.

Also, viewers can receive a “Moment of Beauty” through their email each day. All they have to do is sign up at

Mary Ann: Thank you Patrice, and keep us updated on future developments! spring

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