Momma’s on a Diet: How Much Does a Sense of Humor Weigh?

Ok, so it’s a strange question to ask and I bet many of you reading this had a little chuckle, or at least a smile, when you saw it, but I’m being serious here. Surely it must weigh something mustn’t it?

I’m wondering because when I’m on a diet, such as the one I’m currently on, eventually I lose my sense of humor. Now at the moment things are fine, but I’m thinking ahead here. Supposing there’s a week when I don’t lose much weight. Or worse, suppose there’s a week when I don’t lose any weight. Or even worse, suppose – and I don’t even want to think this let alone write it – but suppose there’s a week when I gain a pound or two? That week, I’m going to need all the help I can get because no matter how hard I look for it, I know that my sense of humor will have gone.

So, supposing that I’ve lost my sense of humor, I think that it is only fair to see that reflected on the scales because the sense of humor was something I had, and then I didn’t, so logically speaking I must have lost a pound or two. It’s a good quality sense of humor we’re talking about here. It’s not one of those thin ones that need a spanner and magnifying glass to find. It’s a huge sense of humor that’s on show all the time. And the bigger the sense of humor, the more it should weigh – right?

My husband says that as long as I’m joking about this he can relax because my sense of humor is still intact. See, my reputation is such that he actually thinks I’m joking here! I’m not joking. I think it’s a very legitimate question that builds on a concern I have, which in turn is based on prior knowledge of myself. Namely, if on a bad weigh-in day, I can at least be consoled that if my sense of humor is gone, will it be remembered by a pound reduction the next time I get on the scales?

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