Moms and Black Friday Madness

A mom in Wisconsin showed her dark side on Black Friday Eve and got arrested for it.

The incident took place not far from where I live and just goes to prove that insanity festers when you combine cold temperatures, red-hot Black Friday deals and warm-blooded parents, who want to make their kid’s Christmas, extra special.

According to reports, 21-year-old mom Lanessa Lattimore, really, really, really wanted to surprise her toddler daughter with the toy she’s been begging for, so she headed to a Toys R Us store in Madison on Thursday night.

The store opened at 10 p.m. Thursday for Black Friday shopping, but by 8 p.m. the line already wrapped around the building. Police report that Lattimore didn’t want to stand in the back of the line for fear that the toy her daughter wanted would be gone if she didn’t get into the store right as the doors opened.

So, Lattimore allegedly did what any crazed Black Friday shopper would do: She cut in line and when confronted by others, she made threats to retrieve a gun and shoot off their faces.

Talk about embracing the true spirit of Christmas.

For her part Lattimore told news reporters that she’s “not a violent person” and that she was simply trying to get her daughter the toy of her dreams.

Too bad her attempt to do so turned into a nightmare.

Police arrested the Madison mom and charged her with disorderly conduct, which is bad enough in my book, but then Lattimore decides to redeem herself (at least in her eyes) and invites a local TV news crew into her home and in front of her child she tries to defend her actions.

“I was not butting in line. I was waiting in line like everyone else. I was taking myself to the end of the line like I was supposed to be doing and in doing so I was harassed by these girls,” Lattimore told a local reporter.

With her young daughter perched on her lap Lattimore went on to claim that she was targeted for no reason.

“I just feel like I’m being, in a way, victimized,” said Lattimore.

Not for nothing, but police don’t usually arrest people unless they have a compelling reason to do so, and according to officers on the scene, more than two dozen witnesses gave statements attesting to the fact that Lattimore threatened to shoot them in the face with a gun.

Way to kick off the Christmas season.

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