Monday Layout Challenge: Favorite Things in Fall

Fall is swirling all around me at this point. Leaves are changing, the air is crisper and and windier, and I am burning my pumpkin spice candles. So, my house is colder, decorated for fall and is filled with that beautiful Autumn scent. I absolutely love this time of year, more than any other season.

Today’s Challenge:

This week’s layout challenge is all about this wonderful season, and everything you love (or hate) about it. Perhaps it is the beauty of the season that you love. Or maybe it is the scents that are famous for this time of year. Maybe you love the decorations you put together, or the flowers that actually bloom. Whatever it is you love or hate about this time of year, can be used in this challenge.

Here are some great ideas to get you really thinking:

  • “Six Things I Love About Fall”
  • “The Smells of the Season”
  • “The Sight of the Autumn Scenery”
  • “My Favorite Foods to Make In Fall”
  • “You Know It’s Fall When…”
  • “Fantastic Fall Festivals”
  • “Feelings of Fall”

Think of all the endless possibilities that you could do. You could create a page about a yearly tradition in the fall, maybe a meal you make when it gets chilly or a dessert you especially love. Maybe you know it’s fall when you light the fireplace for the first time. Have fun and get creative! I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

Do not limit yourself to just one scrapbook layout either. If you are compelled, create a mini album, a seasonal album, or include it in your about me album. Whatever your heart desires.

Why do I do these challenges:

I am doing the weekly layout challenge for several reasons. One, I want you to get your photographs out of storage devices and onto your layouts, and two I want to help you brainstorm ideas, as well as use up your stash of supplies. If there is something you would like to see or something that you need to work on that I might be able to incorporate into a challenge, let me know.

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