Monday Layout Challenge: In The Kitchen

This layout challenge really has me motivated this week. One of my favorite rooms in my home is my kitchen. I love to be in there spending time with family, eating our meals and I love to bake and cook. This week’s challenge will make you think more about your kitchen, it is up to you the direction that you take it.

Today’s Challenge:

Your layout challenge for this week is to enter the world of cooking and baking. Enter your kitchen and spend time looking at it. Find your favorite tools and appliances for cooking, find your favorite meal, whatever you are drawn to. Here are some obscure ideas to get you really thinking:

  • “What’s in the Junk Drawer?”
  • “Tools I Own, But Never Use”
  • “Must Have Appliances” or “My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets”
  • “Our Favorite Meal” (include recipe)
  • “A Look at a Week of Meals” (include recipes and make multiple pages)
  • “What’s Inside the Pantry?”
  • “What’s Inside Our Freezer/Refrigerator?”

Think of all the endless possibilities that you could do. You could create a page about a yearly tradition of making Halloween cupcakes, or Christmas Cookies. Perhaps your family enjoys making home-made pizza, journal about it, snap some pictures and create a layout. Have fun and get creative! I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

Do not limit yourself to just one scrapbook layout either. If you are compelled, create a mini album, or a cookbook, or an about me album. Whatever your heart desires.

Why do I do these challenges:

I am doing the weekly layout challenge for several reasons. One, I want you to get your photographs out of storage devices and onto your layouts, and two I want to help you brainstorm ideas, as well as use up your stash of supplies. If there is something you would like to see or something that you need to work on that I might be able to incorporate into a challenge, let me know.

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