Monday Layout Challenge – School Layouts and More

Recently I realized that I hadn’t done many scrapbooking pages on my children’s school activities. I have the photographs, the layouts just haven’t been created. So I challenged myself to get to work on those. And I’m not just doing traditional pages, I am branching out, or if you will “stepping outside the box” a bit and trying to find some unique perspectives. I just want the layouts to make the photographs really be the focus as well as trying to complete layouts that are different than the norm.

This week’s challenge for all of you, is to pull out school pictures and get them scrapbooked. They don’t even have to be of your children, especially those of you that don’t have children or who’s children are not in school. Scrapbook your own school photographs. Try some different and unique scrapbooking. Perhaps thing of a memory from school and just scrapbook that memory. Use a photograph from that time period to illustrate your age.

I enjoy creating a special layout for my kids each year that focuses on their fall school photo. Our school also does Spring photos so I’ve been playing around with those a bit too.

Here are my sample layouts for this challenge.

I don’t always create the layouts to be identical or even match. However, this was a scraplift from someone a long time ago that I just couldn’t wait to scrap. I finally have and it looks great!

I’d love to hear about it or you can add your layout to the gallery if you would like, and then let me know in the comments below. I really would like to see what you’ve done.