Monday Photo Challenge – Around the House or Pieces of Home

I am having so much fun with these photo challenges, and I really hope you are as well. Each Monday, I post a challenge that you can choose to do, or you can choose not to do. It is up to you. My hope is that when you do the photo challenges, it is getting you to think outside the box, and obviously to take more photographs.

I want you to truly play around with your camera, get to know its features, its capabilities, just get to know it better. I want you to try out new angles, lighting techniques and more. I also want you to photograph things you might not have otherwise though of and have beautiful pictures in the process.

This week’s challenge:

Today’s challenge is to get to know your home better. Look around you in each and ever room. Every detail, ever amenity, every single piece of furniture, fixture and collectible you have in your home should be seen through new and different eyes. Look at them, look at where you have located these items in your home, or why you kept them where they are. Look around and focus on the things about your home that truly make it your own home. Look at the things that made you fall in love with your house in the beginning, and what you have done to keep yourself loving it. Now, grab the camera, and get some great shots. Play around with piece of your home. Take half shots of certain objects, take close ups, take full photo snapshots, anything you want.

Here are my examples of the photographs I captured at my old home. I am so extremely happy that I have these photographs now, especially since we aren’t there anymore. You will be too. My challenge for myself this week is to get some great shots of my current home, which many of you know I am moving from soon. Here are shots of my old house:

This was my very favorite feature when we walked in the door of this home before we bought it. I loved the way the staircase looked, and the big window that let in so much light.

While we did not spend a great deal of time in our dining room, it was one of my favorite rooms of the house because it was the one I spent the most time on decorating. It was the first room you saw when you came through the front door. That painting of my son on the left was done by my mother.

I love winter time, and I also loved the upper part of our home. I wanted to take a photograph of the upper part of our house, but everytime I tried, it turned out weird looking. Until one day, when I was outside I saw the heat hitting the cold air and the gorgeous sky and thought, “There, that’s the photograph I want”.

I have a teddy bear obsession and I cannot help it. Yet every bear in my home has a story and a history. I tried to strategically place my bears in non obvious places around the home, so that they would not look like a collection, but rather blend. This was one of my favorite places, because I added the plant and the other bear and they all coordinated so nicely.

This picture is not great, and somewhere I am certain I have a better one, but it did capture three things I loved about my previous home. The wooden blinds were beautiful and I just loved them, that window was my favorite place to look out and when the blinds were open the view was awesome, and the couch with the flowers was a bargain find that I absolutely fell in love with, but no longer have. So this one photograph was able to capture several things that I loved.

So what piece of your home did you capture this week? You can add your photograph to the gallery if you would like, and then please let me know in the comments field.

If there is something you would like to see, or something that you are wanting to learn more about or see more examples of, that I might be able to incorporate into a challenge, let me know.