Monday Photo Challenge – Up Close and Personal

I am thoroughly addicted to close-up photography. I love filling the entire frame with the subject, eliminating distracting background and really highlighting my subject matter.

Each Monday, I post a challenge that you can choose to do, or you can choose not to do. It is up to you. My hope is that when you do the photo challenges, it is getting you to think outside the box, and obviously to take more photographs. I want you to truly play with your camera, get to know it better. I want you to try out new angles, lighting techniques and more. I also want you to photograph things you might not have otherwise though of and have beautiful pictures in the process.

If there is something you would like to see, or something that you are wanting to learn more about or see more examples of, that I might be able to incorporate into a challenge, let me know.

This week’s challenge:

Today’s challenge is to get up close and personal with your camera. Spend time zooming in, or filling the frame with your subject. Putting the camera on a tripod can help achieve this, as it allows you to hold the camera stead and really zoom in. Play around with the different settings on your camera until you find one that allows for crisp, clear close ups. Most camera’s have a setting like this. If you practice this technique, you will be able to capture amazing photographs without distracting backgrounds and with full features.

Here are some examples of getting up close and filling the frame with your subject.

So what close up photograph did you take this week? You can add your photograph to the gallery if you would like, and then please let me know in the comments field.